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bookLet’s Get Together On Earth Before Taking Off On The Road To Heaven

Al Hall writes poetry for various occasions and enjoys reading and sharing his work at public gatherings and at book signings. He has written five books that include such subjects as love, family, terrorism, politics, death, discrimination, church, and service to God and country. Hall offers insight and encouragement to people or groups who are so focused on getting to heaven that they do not enjoy the pleasures of living on earth and interacting with other humans on this planet. He delves into political commentary and other modern events, such as the death of Trayvon Martin, and celebrating Christmas. This is Hall’s fifth book in the Prelude Collection.

Book 1 — There’s Nothing Going Wrong With Your Head
Book 2 — It’s Trimmed in White If Color Makes Any Difference to You
Book 3 — Poetic Healing: That Unforgettable Tuesday Morning
Book 4 Give Me My Forty Acres Because I Know My Mule Is Dead